Our Friends

"The biggest mistake we can make in life is thinking that we have to get through it alone." -Tyler Hulbert

Yes, I did just quote myself. But the sentiment rings true, so I'm sticking to it. Live Alive Studios wouldn't be where it is today if it weren't for the many friends and artists we've met along the way. One of the pillars that this company is built on is Communityand we want to make sure we do what we can to give back to those around us. Many talented people have contributed to our success and we want to do our part to help them succeed as well. Below, you'll find a list of our friends who's services we would not only recommend, but have personally used and collaborated with on many occasions.


Illustrator - Kirsten Gould with Enchanted Studio Co.

Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, Kirsten Gould is a Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) alumni whose collegiate focus was on traditional painting. Shortly after graduating from SCAD, she shifted her attention to teaching herself the art of digital illustration. With a passion for the work of Walt Disney dating back to childhood, the art she creates has a certain air of lighthearted innocence that captures a childlike world of whimsy and imagination. She currently teaches elementary school art in Houston, in addition to running an Etsy shop where she sells custom portraits as well as commissioned pieces.

Sean Goodwyne.jpg

Videographer - Sean Goodwyne with Renaisounds

Sean Goodwyne is a Houston native with a love and passion for the city he was raised in that's only matched by few others. With a large focus on the people in this city, he's been heavily involved in the art community for several years. A college dropout of LSU, his story is not unlike many other's whose ambition and drive for success were only being stifled by their studies. However, that hasn't stopped him from learning from and studying the greats who came before him. Although he's most in his element while wearing the hat of a creative director, Sean often times finds himself behind the camera, capturing enticing videos with a unique and creative eye.


Photographer - Koby Brown

Koby Brown is a boutique wedding, travel, and editorial photographer. His focus remains on capturing intentionally cultivated events that are beautifully composed and filled with light. Koby works together with his wife, Elizabeth, and as a team they specialize in destination weddings, wedding and fashion editorials, and creating fine art images.


Make-up Artist - Nikki Tsokos

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Hair Stylist - Eddie Mancillas with Studio 99

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