Photography | Rates

Photography is an art form with endless possibilities. With so many different styles and avenues in which photos can be taken, Live Alive Photography has decided to pursue a wide range of specializations with skill and passion. On this page, you'll find a basic overview of the rates we charge for our various styles of photography. Click the "More Info" button to see more detailed rate sheets for each style.

Album Artwork: $250+

Our album artwork shoots are a close collaboration between the musician and photographer. The photographer will offer professional creative guidance to help turn the musician's vision into a reality. Musicians will receive a 30-minute phone or video call with the photographer included in the price to discuss their vision for the artwork and how the photographer can bring that vision to life.


Automotive: $150+

Whether you're looking for a sunset backdrop on top of a parking garage or rolling shots as you cruise down the highway on a cool day, we have you covered. Car owners put a lot of time and money into their babies; it's our job to make them look as pristine and shiny as possible. These shoots range from a 30-minute shoot with one location to one-hour cruises, giving people a chance to see your car in action with dynamic scenery.


Event: $150/hour



wedding: $1,000+

There are few days that will ever compete with the importance and sentiment of your wedding. Capturing those moments through photography is one of the greatest ways to have something to look back fondly on for the rest of your life. We love telling love stories through our art and a wedding is where all of the stories that brought two people together come to fruition. We offer a variety of packages that can fit into any couple's budget, as well as the option to build your own, custom package to cater to your exact needs and desires for your big day.