OUR Mission What We Aim to Do

Our definition of life is simple: it's the story of an individual that unfolds over the course of their existence on Earth. And Live Alive Photography is in the business of storytelling.

Whether it's a photo shoot of your home, wedding, family, or band, we know that all of it tells a story. Our job is to help you tell that story and put it out to the world.

This is your life. Live Alive and Tell Your Story.

OUR Purpose Why We Do What We Do

Live Alive Photography is more than just a company.

It's a movement. A philosophy. A way of life. It's a reminder to ourselves to live each day aware of the fact that our existence is a mind-blowing phenomenon.

Our purpose is to partake in experience with our fellow man and capture the essence of what it is to be human through the multiple forms of art that we study.

We want to build a community around this single concept: storytelling through creation. Live Alive Photography exists to send a shock wave through not only the world of art, but the world of humanity. We welcome you to come along and join our community.

OUR Values WHAT WE Stand For

Atop the foundation of everything that we do stands four pillars: authenticity, creativity, kindness, and community.

Authenticity: No matter what we do, we want what we create to be birthed from a genuine heart. From how we interact with our clients to how we approach the art we make, we strive to be real and transparent in everything. We are not driven by greed or a lust for the "high-life." Money is simply a tool we hope to use to impact and better our world. We exist to live authentically.

Creativity: Innovation is what fuels us. It's what has pushed the human species to constantly progress. We don't settle for the same, old ways of doing things. We laugh in the face of the "tried-and-true." We understand that at one point or another, everything was considered impossible until someone came along and had the audacity to challenge the status quo and say, "No. It can be done." We don't want to be just another chunk of dough to be fed to the cookie-cutter. We exist to live creatively.

Kindness: "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop
We believe that kindness is the universal language. It's been at the center of endless teachings, religious & spiritual beliefs, and philosophies. You'll rarely find that an act of kindness is looked down upon. It's a sign of true integrity. Through our work with all people, clients and collaborators alike, we do not stray from treating others as equals. Even to those who don't ever use one of our artistic services, we intend to serve the community all the same. We exist to live kindly.

Community: At the core of everything that we do, it all comes back to one thing: community. We aim to build a culture of not only traditional artists, but of people from all walks of life. Our personal philosophy is that everything is an art in its own right. So whether you're an accountant, a restaurant manager, a real estate agent, a personal fitness coach, or any of the endless number of other occupations out there: we welcome you into our movement. We exist to live together.