A Photographer

I took my first (real) photo on October 5th, 2015. It was a picture of the sunset (I'm notorious for taking pictures of sunsets) over my hometown, taken while sitting on top of my car on the highest level of a parking garage. I haven't been shooting for long, but I can say without hesitation that it's something that I immediately fell in love with.

I've always felt like I had a good eye for photography, but was always restricted to a cell phone until I got my first DSLR camera for my 23rd birthday. This period of being a "cell phone photographer" gave me a lot of time to continually develop my eye and understanding of composition, lighting, and angles. But stepping into the world of DSLR photography has been a totally different game that I've seriously become enamored with ever since diving in.

I've taken every opportunity I could to go on shoots, either by myself or with other creatives. I've done shoots that range from portraits, landscapes, architecture, real estate, travel, automotive, live music, and a variety of other concept-type shoots.


An Artist

Art is all around us. You hear that all the time. But do you believe it?

The art I make takes many shapes. Sometimes I see it in a person. Other times I hear it in the trees. Sometimes it visits me in a certain place. And then there are the serendipitous moments where I just so happen to stumble across it.

It manifests itself in ways that you see, hear, and feel. It sometimes comes in the form of a photograph. Other times it’s embodied in a design, brought to life as a song, or breathed out into the world in the form of words.

We exist within a culture where the definition of who a person is lies solely in their jobs; in what they do. A stranger asks, “Tell me about yourself,” and our first response has this habitual tendency to be “I’m an *insert job title here*.” This is limiting to the true story of who we are as people. It’s limiting to our dreams and goals. We let what we do define who we are instead of letting who we are define what we do.

I’m not an artist because it’s what I do. I make art because it’s who I am.

My name is Tyler. And I’m an ARTIST.